2007 Messages

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January 7, by David Stevensanswerbanner120
Our Struggle for Meaning: Audio-MP3

January 28, by Reilly Gibby
Our Struggle with God: Audio-MP3

February 4, by David Stevens
Our Struggle with Worship: Audio-MP3

February 11, by David Stevens
Our Struggle with Religion: Audio-MP3

February 18, by David Stevens
Our Struggle with Rest: Audio-MP3

February 25, by Reilly Gibby
Our Struggle with Authority: Audio-MP3

March 4, by David Stevens
Our Struggle for Peace: Audio-MP3

March 11, by Reilly Gibby
Our Struggle with Purity: Audio-MP3

March 18, by David Stevens
Our Struggle with Integrity: Audio-MP3

March 25, by David Stevens
Our Struggle with Truth: Audio-MP3

April 1, by David Stevens
Our Struggle with Contentment: Audio-MP3

April 8, 2007, Easter, by David Stevens
Breakfast on the Beach: Audio-MP3

April 15, by David Stevenssong120
Peace for a Troubled Heart: Audio-MP3

April 22, by David Stevens
Answers for the Afflicted: Audio-MP3

April 29, by David Stevens
Life Lessons for Dry Seasons: Audio-MP3

May 6, by David Stevens
God's Help, Our Hope: Audio-MP3

May 13, by David Stevensproverbs120
The Proverbial Woman: Audio-MP3

May 20, by David Stevens
The Fear of the Lord: Audio-MP3

May 27, by Reilly Gibby
Looking for a Friend: Audio-MP3

June 3, by Shon TenKley
Advice to Youth: Audio-MP3

June 10, by David Stevens
Discerning God's Will: Audio-MP3

June 17, by David Stevens
Finishing Well: Audio-MP3

June 24, by Reilly Gibby
Your Money Matters, part 1: Audio-MP3

July 1, by Reilly Gibby
Your Money Matters, part 2: Audio-MP3

July 15, by David Stevenstfquest120
Equipped to Answer

July 22, by David Stevens
Why Does a Good God Allow Bad Things?

July 29, by David Stevens
How Can a Holy God Promote Unholy Warfare?

August 5, by David Stevens
Monogamy or Polygamy: What Did God Intend?

August 12, by David Stevens
Whatever Happened to Equal Rights?

August 19, by David Stevensendtimes120
Daniel’s “Seventy Sevens”
Daniel 9:20-27, Audio-MP3

August 26, by David Stevens
Ezekiel’s Valley of Dry Bones
Ezekiel 37:1-14, Audio-MP3

September 2, by David Stevens
Joel’s Day of the Lord
Joel 2:28-32, Audio-MP3

September 9, by David Stevensjesusweb120
Faith or Familiarity?
Luke 4:14-30, Audio-MP3

September 16, by David Stevens
How to Develop a Missional Mindset
Luke 10:1-24, Audio-MP3

September 23, by Reilly Gibby
When Seekers Look for Jesus But Find Hypocrites Instead
Luke 11:37-54, Audio-MP3

September 30, by David Stevens
Don't Just Do Something...Sit There!
Luke 10:38-42, Audio-MP3

October 7, by David Stevens
Heaven's Lost and Found
Luke 15, Audio-MP3

October 14, by David Stevens
The Cost of Bringing Jesus to Your World
Luke 9:51-62, Audio-MP3

October 21, by David Stevenscontagious120
A Contagious Faith

October 28, by Paul Anderson
A Contagious Heart

November 4, by Shon TenKley
Contagious Relationships

November 11, by David Stevens
Contagious Stories

November 18, by David Stevens
Contagious Praying

November 25, by David Stevens
God's Contagious Love

December 2, by Matthew Brooksjesusboxweb120
Unwrapping Christ's Humanity

December 9, by David Stevens
Unwrapping Christ's Diety

December 16, by Reilly Gibby
Unwrapping Christ's Supremacy

December 23, by David Stevens
Unwrapping Christ's Humility

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