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For our Cross-Cultural Workers

Greetings to our Missionary Partners,

We are placing documents here that we believe are essential in establishing a good line of communication between you and the Global Outreach Team (GO Team). There are three documents for you to download and read.

  • GO Team Philosophy, Policies and Practices, in PDF format. This is Sections 3 and 4 of our GO Team policy booklet, the sections that contain the information that is essential for our missionaries: Strategy of Missions at CBC and Financial Policies.
  • Barnabas Teams, in PDF format. A Barnabas Team is a small group of individuals who stand behind a designated missionary; (candidate, associate, or partner) and serve as their home base support team. This team supports, encourages and communicates with their missionary on a regular basis. We will try to assist you in creating your Barnabas Team, but it is your responsibility to gather together people to form your Barnabas Team.
  • Partner/Associate Missionary Self-Review Questionnaire, in PDF or .DOC formats. We are asking each missionary to fill out this self-evaluation once a year and return it to the GO Team. This information will only be review by members of the GO Team, Pastoral Staff or Elder Board.


Join Us

Joy Central Sunday — 9:00 AM
Adult Growth Groups — 9:00 AM
Coffee — 10:00 AM
Worship — 10:30 AM
Oromo Fellowship — 12:00 PM
Romanian Fellowship — 6:00 PM


Youth Central (Jr. High and High School) — 7:00 PM
Romanian Fellowship — 7:30 PM




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